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#geekconfessions I haven’t Seen Dexter or Doctor Who.

Before you close the browser window, lemme ‘splain…

It’s not that I’m not interested in both shows. In fact, quite the opposite. My life gets a bit hectic and the TiVo gets backed up, so there are times I’ll avoid starting to watch certain shows because I know I won’t have the time to devote the attention they deserve.

Of course, in certain cases, I don’t get caught up in time and then I have multiple seasons to catch up on and I have to try and stay spoiler free in the process ::headdesk::

Good news? I’ve managed to stay almost completely spoiler free on both shows.

Bad news? I now have multiple seasons to catch up on either one, so I can only pick one for now.

So, help me out here.

Which one first and why?

p.s. my thanks to @geeksdreamgirl for the #geekconfessions hashtag. It gives me a nice neat way to do this and clear my conscience.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Doctor Who. Absolutely no doubt. Also, to whoever said ‘Dexter’ because it’s shorter, it’s not. It’s actually longer. Doctor who has less episode per season. It’s how the British roll.

    Oh and what Kristen said. TORCHWOOD!!!

  2. Dexter is actually quite wicked fun. However, Doctor Who, (assuming you’re starting from ’05/New!Who)has: Humor, UST,a bit of horror, a bit of drama, adventure, an incredibly broad fan base, in-jokes AND will lead you to Torchwood(watch before the last 4 eps of DW season 3.) Plus, the Guest casts are always absolutely FANTASTIC. :D

  3. Doctor Who. Definitely.

  4. Depends on what you’re in the mood for. If you want dark and f’d up, go for Dexter. If you want mostly light action (except when they’re breaking the Doctor’s heart), go for Who. Me, personally? Love David Tennant, so Who wins.

  5. Dexter is good and you can probably bang it out quicker. There is so much Who! And I admit, I am just getting started on it myself, mainly because someone told me I had to. I am enjoying it a lot though. ;) Baby steps. Or jump back and forth! Do it all lady!

  6. Doctor Who because I haven’t seen Dexter either. (Come on, that counts!)

  7. Never seen dexter so am biased to the Doctor.

    Although I have been meaning to watch Dexter, so if you pick that one, post on its good/bad-ness

  8. I haven’t seen either, though my fiance is a huge Who fan. I am just now getting into Dexter, mainly because I watched some Who as a child, and I don’t think I can shake the goofiness. For my vote, start with Dexter. It’s shorter, and you can spin through it and get right to Who if you wish.

  9. Doctor Who. Dexter is good, but Doctor Who will make you laugh, cry, and root for the good guys. But if you start Doctor Who, don’t forget about Torchwood!

  10. Anonymous Anonymous

    Dr Who. Hands down

  11. Anonymous Anonymous

    Doctor Who because it offers much more geek payoff.

  12. Dr. Who, because it’s a more storied franchise.

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