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Geek Squad: Activate. We have a mission.

Saturday 8:45am update: Done, goal reached. You guys are so amazing. (link has been disabled from my end and updated at the blog. Mwah!)

Oh and, Kristen wrote a little something ::smile::

2:30 update: Huge dent made, only $150.00 to go. We can do this! ;-)

I’m not sure if you guys have been following @kristenmchugh22 or not on Twitter, but she’s one of the people I adore both online and off and she’s been having one heck of a year.

I’m not going to go into details because that’s her business and, truth be told, she’s modest enough that I’ll likely get in trouble for even doing this. Still, I’m gonna do it because she’s a friend and I love her.

Among the myriad of crap that happened to her this year, her water heater died. She doesn’t have the funds for a new one.

She lives in Pennsylvania and winter’s closing in. That, folks, just doesn’t work for me. Y’know?

So, if you can drop by her site here and hit the donate button to the right of her blog, I’d appreciate it. Even 5 bucks helps if enough of us donate.

Thanks ;*


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  1. I in PA too and it doz alreddy be cold and will only gets werser.

    I dunt hab too much of ma allowance left (I alreddy gibbed most to kittehs in need, but if we dunt have peeple den da kittehs will not be gettin halp either, rite?)…so I gonna break open da piggy bank & see wot I hab to gib.

    Will also spreads da werd fur u.

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