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Geek Girl Admission #436

I love Hello Kitty.

It’s sorta bad.

Bad to the point that I have been known to stand glassy-eyed in the Sanrio store until I am physically pulled to safety and , even then, I’m likely to point at the store window and make sad puppy noises until I’m completely out of sight.

Still, most of the time, I’m safe. I mean — it’s not like I’m around it every day, right?

Well, that was until EE decided to post the new Hello Kitty items from Kurt S. Adler – ultimately bringing the temptation to the mountain, so to speak.

When I was a kid, I was limited to thinks like pencil toppers, or bubblegum flavored scented erasers, or puff ups. I mean, it was cool, but now…


There’s Hello Kitty Urban Vinyl. That’s not okay. That’s like sucking money right out of my wallet! There’s wall art and dolls and…and..

…and the Hello Kitty Punk Rock 5-Inch Glass Ornament.

Yeah. Hello Kitty in pink fishnets.

I’m in big trouble. Someone cancel my credit cards? ::whimper::


  1. I used to be the only boy at all-girl birthday parties in elementary school, so I developed a taste for the gum from the Sanrio Store.

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