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From Doctor Who in a towel to David Tennant kisses. How did I get here?

Having just gotten to “The Lodger” in my catching up of Doctor Who (Season 5, btw), I can heartily tell you I have a sudden and passionate hate for blue towels.

Now, while there’s some question as to whether I would have liked the view if the towel dropped (and I’ll be honest, I like the view just fine already), I still say “Bah!”.

And, if you look at the pic my girl Jill Pantozzi got with him (you can read the interview here) he’s just fine and dandy clothed ;-)

Speaking of Doctors…I found this awesome pic of David Tennant and Catherine Tate from “Nan’s Christmas Carol” for the BBC. I swear, he’s sexy.

Then this one…

And then I found this video of David Tennant kissing…well..lots of people..

And…um…I totally forgot my point.

…I’ll be in my bunk.



  1. If you haven’t already you should totally check out “Viva Blackpool”. It’s a musical, so not only do you get several VERY steamy scenes between Tennant and the lovely Sarah Parish but he sings and dances too! (slightly off-key, but it just add to his charms and he moves quite well!)

  2. Um. I’m not going to watch that video right now, but based on the screen still I’ll just head to my bunk now, shall I?

    Finally caught up on the Tennant series this summer, now to watch Series 5 before the next one starts.

  3. Ooh, you’ve seen the Fright Night prop banner, right? :D

    I am so glad you’re almost caught up. Cuz, well… The wait until Christmas is long, and best spent with company.

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