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For those who asked, the update on my mom’s health and my state of mind. ;*

I mentioned I was in Palm Springs and we had a bit of a family medical emergency. Not to get all personal on y’all, but people asked what’s up.

My recent chat with @haldira explains it:

me: My last 24 hours has been like an episode of the Amazing Race. I literally tossed all my clothes from SDCC into the hamper when I got back and then had to put them right back in the suitcase to come here.

me: Got to the hotel, and now I’m at my mom’s doing laundry. I had to find her car, get her glasses, find her phone, and somehow get her car back to her house. Plus wash clothes and then go see her. I’m waiting for Phil Keoghan to show up.

As long as I don’t have to eat worms or repel down a 30 story building, I think I’ll manage ;)

So, yeah. Basically, my mom had a heart attack (We’ll discuss how she drove herself to Urgent Care yesterday morning at some other time. Frakkin’ tough guy.) and she’s in the hospital for the next 3 days because she has an artery blockage that they have to try and clear with meds. So, for now, I’m at a hotel for a couple days while I try to get her house in some sort of order (I can’t currently find the guest bed because she was in the middle of one of her “projects” ::grin::)

Then, once she’s home, we’ll see how long she needs me to be here.

Part of what I need to do here is find someone to come clean the house, find someone to help me throw away a ton of stuff (yes, I need help, it’s over 100 here and the trash bin is not user friendly), find someone who can help me eBay a bunch of regency novels that have been on my mom’s “project” list forever (because, really, it’s time for it to get done).

But the good news is she seems to be okay. Just not sure how long my bed at home and I will be separated. I know, it’s terrible, but I miss my bed.

Anyway, that’s the skinny for now. If I win a million dollars as part of this reality show, then yay. I could use t to ay for some of these shenanigans. Heh.

Thanks for keeping the good thoughts. ;*



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