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Eclipse in Fifteen Minutes (Read it. Trust me. ::grin::)

The incomparable Cleolinda Jones just added Twlight: Eclipse to her Movies in 15 Minutes series.

Take the 15 minutes and read. Trust me on this.

The Mean Streets of Seattle

[A dark and stormy night! A handsome young man: prey for an invisible predator who terrorizes him like a catpire with a mouse, finally pursuing him to the dead end of the docks. He has nowhere to run! He has nowhere to hide! Finally the creature strikes! He collapses, screaming in agony as the venom takes over! I am… really confused, because this looks like a movie about actual vampires and actual vampiring.]

A Magical Sunny Meadow Filled with Pretty Purple Flowers

[Okay, now I know what movie we’re in.]

[You know what? If we’re going to call this a ~*saga*~, I think we need more Vikings.]

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(Oh and, if you haven’t done it yet, I suggest you avoid drinking while you read, unless you can inhale it. ::grin::)

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  1. Cleolinda may just be the pop-culture, “fanthropologist,” and satirist of the decade.
    And your warning is NECESSARY. :))

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