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Dudes In Dresses FTW!

Whitney over at Pop Candy pondered earlier today that, while she was looking forward to seeing Jude Law in drag in Sally Potter’s new film “Rage”, it wasn’t quite what she was hoping for. Still, the mention of Law in drag sent me over to check out the story she did on her Pop Candy blog.

I’ll have to admit, I agree. Especially when you consider that Eddie Izzard and John Leguizamo both appear in this film and both look better in drag than Law does.

So, I got to thinking. Got a fave guy in drag? ::grin:: I have a few.

My top 5:

1) Eddie Izzard – well, ever. He’s a phenomenal Executive Transvestite. There’s no other man I’d rather see in lipstick and heels.

2) The entire cast of “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. Admit it, Terrence Stamp is flawless. And, yeah people, Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce. In drag. Too awesome.

3) John Leguizamo in “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar”. Chi Chi, you are so much more than a little Latino boy in a dress.

4) A Tie for me: John Lithgow in “The World According To Garp” and Dustin Hoffman in “Tootsie” When you make me forget you’re a man…Is there anything these men can’t do?

5) Tim Curry and Barry Bostwick in RHPS. First of all, Tim Curry is beyond gorgeous — and I still gasp at how amazing Barry Bostwick’s leg looks during the Floor Show and Rose Tint My World…::purr!::

Got some I missed? Enlighten me so I can check them out ;-)


  1. Bobyn of the Books Bobyn of the Books

    Ohmygods yes! I’m so glad I’m not the only one ogling Barry Bostwick’s thighs during the RHPS stage show!

    Have you seen Kinky Boots? It’s a British movie about this stodgy old shoe company that has to switch to manufacturing dangerously kinky shoes for drag queens, and its main-man-in-drag is Chiwetel Ejiofer. He looks damn fine in it too!

  2. Liev Schreiber in “Taking Woodstock” was kind of hot. Too recent?

    Nathan Lane in “The Birdcage” kind of looked like Barbara Bush. I’d call that some kind of accomplishment.

    And can we really talk drag without mentioning “Victor, Victoria?” I think not:)

  3. I agree with Elliott about Lithgow’s performance and Garp was also one of the first books I ever stole from my mother to read.

    However – I have to say – Eddie makes me so freaking jealous – he always has the NICEST effing shoes…

  4. Oh wow. So much drag, so little time!
    John Lithgow was great in that movie. My favorite…

  5. The World According to Garp was one of the first ‘adult’ novels I read as a teen. The ending was simply heart crushing. John Lithgow captured the essence of Roberta Muldoon and I just fell in love with him/her.

    Good call.


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