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Doctor Who awesome added at EE. WANT!

No, there aren’t pics yet, so don’t get mad at me ;p (PS, if you ever see a link with no pic, you can always go to the reminders on the item and ask that EE email you when there’s a pic available.)

However, I have to squee and make happy noises because EE just posted some of the most random but amazing Doctor Who stuff EVAR!
Click the link for details. I’m listing names for now. ;-)

Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar (talking COOKIES!)

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor TARDIS Zipper Robe (read the description. OMG)

This TARDIS Zipper Robe makes a great feature for any room and can also be used as a children’s closet. It is a durable canvas-effect single rail wardrobe featuring the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS with double opening zippable doors. Unfortunately it’s the same size on the inside as it is on the outside! Stands just over 6-feet tall.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. WANT!

There’s more. Mugs and talking key chains and holograms and, and..oh just look at the list!


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