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Dexter and Claire SDCC Exclusives in Multiplicity.

One of the perks of my job is getting to peek at the bosses pictures.

No, not those kinds of pictures!

Anyway, I nabbed a couple of Bif Bang Pow bobblehead production photos because I thought they were cool.

First….Dexter and Harrison Bobble Head – SDCC Exclusive

and, somehow I just think this would be some kind of Lost nightmare sequence…

That’s the Lost Claire Littleton Bobble Head – SDCC Exclusive over and over and over…

Part of me wants to set them up against a wall and try and see the 3D image behind the image.

Cool, huh?


  1. Oh wow these are awesome! Must have :D

  2. The Dexter Bobblehead so makes me wish I were gonna be at SDCC. That and the awesome My Little Pony.

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