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Bradley Cooper’s In Talks For The Crow? Oh Please. No.

I know it’s being written about by MTV Splashpage and The Mary Sue and I know lots of people have already commented but I have to add my two cents because, well, I can.

This is not a good idea.

I could just say Bradley Cooper’s not goth and leave it at that. But he’s SO not right for this. He’s got no stillness. No underlying pain. No darkness. No…brood. There’s no way I’d ever look at him and think that he ever thought wearing all black, stompy boots and eyeliner was a way to go out at night. He’s not a rock guitarist. He’s not…

Oh, please, do I need to go on?

The quote that bothers me the most on MTV:

“The Spanish director of 28 Days Later is said to have met with Cooper in Spain recently, where the two hit it off and shared a vision for the character and the film,” according to the report. “Relativity would not confirm the talks but sources say Cooper, currently in theaters in Relativity‚Äôs hit thriller Limitless, is keen to board the project.”

I don’t care how keen he is to do the movie, he’s not right for the role.

Bradley, I’m going to be honest here. If you really want to be a serious actor and you’re not a narcissist, then you’ll step away from this project. Not because you can’t do the role. Maybe you can. I mean, it’s possible.

But are you really the best person for it? Or are you taking advantage of your name recognition (and the heat behind you currently) to live out a dream at the expense of the fans and, possibly, your credibility as an actor?

Why not step back and let someone else have a shot at it.

(Yes, this is me wishfully thinking)

If you are really keen on the project, then you’ll want to do it justice.

Maybe even take another role. Indulge your dark side. Break some rules. Lend your name recognition.

But not as the lead.




  1. Who is the other guy and WHY cant I place him. I know I’ve seen him in a few movies. ARG!! I hate when my brain locks up. And let me just say, PLEASE GOD NO!!! I’m 35 and when The Crow came out I was a broody teenager and that move was just right for me at the time and to think that someone could screw with that really pisses me off. I LOVE BC, I think he’s smokin hot and FUNNY, not Eric Draven!I know I’m late to the Prom here on this post, but NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  2. I honestly don’t want to see a remake of the Crow. Brandon Lee was great, and the fact that he died during the filming kind of makes it even more memorable.

    Cooper, though he has done some fun stuff, could never be the Crow.

  3. I completely agree!!! Bradly Cooper is no where near dark enough for this role! He looks too pretty boy for me. Now the other guy – I totally see it! Unfortuantely he’s no longer around but Heath Ledger would’ve been a good choice (just dye his hair!)

  4. Bradley Cooper as The Crow? No way. That other guy? Yes. Yes, please.

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