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  1. Uh, my understanding of the situation is that it’s not just going to inconvenience TSA, but that it will inconvenience all the passengers trying to get through security for the holiday weekend. But I guess I’m confused about the situation, anyway, because it sounds like, to protest the pat downs, people are getting pat downs. What?!

    Ah well, I guess I don’t really understand what the big deal is, anyway. The media frenzy is kind of blowing the controversy out of proportion.

  2. The first two posts on my tumblr yesterday, have a proposed form of protest that I find amusing, and an article with TSA agents’ poor little fee-fees being hurt.

    I have no sympathy. You have a legally,ethically and morally questionable job, quit, or STFU, but don’t expect sympathy from the people you assault with (currently, at least) impunity.

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