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An update on work and life changes.

I’d mentioned there had been some recent changes, but I can now officially let peeps know what’s going on, so I wanted to update.

Today is my last day at Quantum Mechanix (QMx).

This was totally amicable and I’m definitely still an avid QMx fan and advocate, however, I won’t be able to answer any direct questions so you’ll have to contact them for actual info. ;-)

My love and thanks to everyone at QMx. I’ll miss you, the morning chats, the nerf gun fights and the epic toys that go pew pew. But I’m also so very thankful for every day spent with you & I expect hugs soon.

As far as where I’m going and what’s next. Well, for now I have no immediate plans and I may go back to doing the freelance thing. But if you need something done or know of something cool, feel free to let me know. ;-)

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