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A sudden and unexpected rant on sex shaming, the internet and idiocy gone wild.

Can we have a short talk about how good the Internet is at allowing people to make grandiose and idiotic statements of morality and supposed “intellectual” superiority with as little information as possible?

And if it’s about anything relaxing to sex or gender, oh look out.

Single man shares sexual tweets with a stripper, she tries to blackmail him, he doesn’t pay (because he did nothing illegal). She goes to his boss and they fire him for indecency?

Geek Girl icon (no not me ::grin::) says she’s taking a Women’s Studies class and an entire debate on feminism being another type of misandry ensues.
Steubenville rape trial gets brought up in my WoW trade chat last night, and when I try and just shut that shit down before it even starts, I’m accused of being overly sensitive and unable to have a rational discussion. Cause, y’know, asking a question in trade chat is always the best place to get a rational discussion.
But it all comes down to the same thing. If it’s about sex, and it’s online, everyone has an opinion and they’re damn well going to share it and you’re an idiot if you don’t agree. And, while they’re at it, they’ll say shit that they would NEVER say to your face because they know it’s inappropriate.
And the thing that makes me crazy is that, no matter how zen you are. No matter how empowered. There’s a part of you that feels the shaming. Because you’re human. And then you want to defend and then, the next thing you know, you’re engaging with these trolls and all you want to do is kick someone’s head in.
::deep breath::
Somewhere, people seem to have lost sight of a few things. Sexuality is human. What is done between consenting adults, no matter how deviant or depraved in your eyes (as long as it’s consenting adults only) is none of your business. And who are you to shame anyone? 

As I tweeted: It’s interesting to see how prevalent sex shaming is. Heaven forbid you should be a sexual creature & express yourself at all.

Oh and, can we please stop throwing the terms misandry and misogyny around like it’s existential conversation night at the coffee house? You don’t get extra points for using terms that don’t actually apply to a situation —  because you’re using them incorrectly.
Feminism is not a misandric movement. Being masculine is not inherently misogynistic. 
They’re also not shaming or threatening in nature.
But coming into a thread on FB or tossing loaded comments on a website using those words and comments like “well, you’re asking for it”?
That definitely is.
How about you get your own houses in order and get that glass all nice and shiny before you go throwing stones.
I’ll bet you have a few porn stashes and old high school notes in your closet that you wouldn’t want people peeking at.
While you’re at it, if sex offends you just by it’s existence. Maybe the sex isn’t the problem.
Just sayin’.
/end rant

p.s. This one comment on this Mattel story about mommy bloggers and Mattel trying to teach them “how to play Hot Wheels” made me laugh. I admit. “Maybe the moms could just stand by and ask for directions at the little Mattel gas station that their sons refuse to pull into whenever their Hot Wheel cars go off course and get lost.”

I never said I was perfect.
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