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A Ponderation on Crushes.

The always adorable @joshgeeksix (from GeekSix) and I were trading tweets when the subject of crushes came up.

We have this running game. I declare him adorable & mention my unrequited crush on him — he blushes and mentions that, while flattered, he’s unavailable.

Now, a little info…If you follow my tweets, you’d likely notice the following:

I use endearments all the time.
I blow kisses randomly and to any number of people including everyone at once.
I give lots of compliments.
I flirt. A lot. ::grin::

I do all of the above without really thinking about it. Generally it’s because I truly dig on people and because I have a tendency to express it without really thinking about it.

It’s not just an online thing. I do it in real life as well and I’ve always had significant others who not only knew it about me, but accepted it as part of who I am as a person and got a kick out of it.

But, back to my point about crushes…

I get crushes all the time.

I don’t discriminate. I crush on single folks as well as married folks. Male or female. Heck, I get crushes on fictional characters. My first crush was on Speed Racer. I didn’t just have a thing for Harrison Ford, I had (have, who am I kidding?) a mad crush on Han Solo.

Recently I even told a friend of mine that I had a crush on his relationship with his wife. I think the two of them as a couple are just downright awesome and I have a crush on them.

In my mind, my crushes are just another expression of my appreciation of people. Of who they are and what they’re about and how utterly awesome or adorable I think they are.

Still, It got me thinking.

Not everyone lives that way. Not everyone thinks that way and, while I know I’m harmless, other people may not.

Maybe I need a disclaimer? ::grin::

Not sure if other people deal with this sort of thing or what they run into out there. So, I was just…y’know…ponderin’


  1. Heya, this is my first time reading your blog (I promise I’ll read it from now on, you are awesome!). And now I have a crush on you!
    I’m exactly the same when it comes to crushes and affection. I think it’s because the more I get to know about people the cooler they are (usually, sometimes I get to know someone and wish I hadn’t, but those are rare). I try to express affection as often as possible because there are so many people who just don’t get how awesome they are, especially geeks! Sometimes I get a bit carried away, but I figure it’s a balancing act, because some people just don’t get enough love so I try to give them all the love they need (well not all, ’cause I’m taken, but you know what I mean).

  2. Lol, wifey wanted to know why I called everyone “Honey”, which admittedly I do. Funny thing is, the person whom I had just called “Honey” that triggered her question’s name is Honey.

    I use pet names, endearments, whatever you want to call them all the time, so yup, understand.

    People, generally, pick up on the good-natured innocent spirit of light flirting like that, I think it’s all part of being an open, friendly, vivacious personality.

    Folks who don’t like it, need to be less insecure :).

    (currently crushed on SubCommander T’Pol(Jolene Blalock), Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Dita vonTeese, and Major Kusanagi (everyone needs a crush on a cyborg chick).

  3. No disclaimer necessary. We all get crushes like you do. And anyone who has a problem with it can go pound salt! You rock! ;)

  4. pppbbthhh on disclaimers. let’m or their s.o. ask if hey get really worried, but anyone who reads your stuff knows it is just your effusive nature. Everyone is lovable.

  5. Dan Dan

    There’s nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting. It makes life more interesting.

    As for the disclaimer…like Todd said, anyone who “knows” you understands that it’s all in fun. I vote “nay” on your disclaimer.

  6. A disclaimer? Eh, perhaps. But really I think anyone who follows your tweets, blogs, social networking profiles, etc, picks up on your personality and just comes along for the ride. I for one have been guilty of flirting and crushing on you. And it’s all in good fun. Still there are those out there who might not get it. So . . . a disclaimer. Nah.

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