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5 Reasons Blizzard Should Invite Me to the Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta.

5) I’m a girl.

According to Trade Chat, girls don’t play WoW. So, having a “real girl” in the beta means you have a chance to acclimate the other Beta testers to the “ewwww, a girl” reactions they will undoubtedly experience once Cata goes live.

4) I never played Vanilla WoW.

Considering you’re planning to upend Azeroth, letting me play means you won’t get all those annoying “suggestions” about how Hogger should be nerfed or wondering why they can’t find the secret leatherworking pattern in Azshara. You’ll also have the added advantage of having a player running around in a newly level 40 Westfall who actually reads the quest text instead of thinking they already know the quest and then contacting a GM when they want to tell you the “NPC isn’t where he’s SUPPOSED 2 BE!”

3) I’m not in a hardcore endgame raiding guild.

Let me in and you don’t have to worry about my being able to go back to my entire guild (who tells the sister guilds across the servers and so on) about the strats for Deathwing or the other new raid bosses. Bonus for you? Maybe you get a few more days before the telltale “first kill” notices start showing up ;-)

2) I work for Entertainment Earth and we sell your toys.

World of Warcraft Series 7 Worgen Spy Action FigureYou went to all of the trouble of making action figures for a Worgen Spy and a Goblin Tinker.

Plus you have all the other cool Warcraft merchandise.

If I was playing in the beta, well, don’t you think I might talk about the toys a little? ;-) #justsayin

And, last but not least…

1) I still play WoW like a noob.

As with any major expansion, Blizzard hopes to gain new subscribers with Cataclysm. While I’ve been playing for 3 years, I still have my noob moments, so I’d be a perfect candidate to wander blindly around Azeroth and discover the new content. (Okay, okay, so I’m not a total noob. We did get up to Lich King last night on ICC, but I promise, he splatted us once we made it there!)

I mean, think about it. new race, new spec, new abilities, new spells, new places?

Who else to best appreciate and experience it but a noob girl gamer geek with a love of toys? ::grin::

I’ll be checking my mail…..

Added May 6th: 

#6 – I wouldn’t have posted screenshots, enchanting info, spec changes and all the other cool new stuff you did. Unless you wanted everyone to do that. Which, maybe you did.

Just….sayin… ;-)

You know how to find me.

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  1. Ryan Bones Ryan Bones

    If this can’t get you in I don’t know what could. Best of luck to you!

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