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28 Ghosts of 28 Girls – The Kickstarter I Most Want To See Happen This Year. I Need Your Help.

I wrote about this project and what it means to me a few days ago, but I wanted to add a few thoughts and ask for your help.

Jewel’s looking to self publish a book. The 6k being raised is to cover half the project. Jewel herself has raised the other half. This isn’t someone who waits for people to help her make things happen, but she needs some help. She’s 41% of the way in on Kickstarter, and close to 75% of the way in overall. Still, there’s another 3,400 to raise (and here’s the link to the Kickstarter project)

So, here’s my proposal. Read this essay she wrote called “Becoming You“. Or just read this piece she posted on FB a bit ago. Read them and then decide if you see magic in her as I do.

revolution of the toes: earth-spinning

I am beautiful when I am dancing. Not this finger-snap hand jive shit, but surrender-dancing: head thrown back, arms wide, hips tilted into tomorrow, eyes wild and glossy, everyth…ing in a disarray. I could make it rain if I struck my heel to the ground, ignited the brush, and defied the sky not to do my wishes. Rain born of dancing is a sacred ritual. I never feel beautiful, except when I dance and when I risk it all for a glance from the right set of eyes. I will dance forever. Be buried in ballerina slippers and a wildcat’s grin. My skin will turn to a flamenco dancer’s gauze, my hair to violin strings.

Her voice needs your help to be published. If you can’t donate, please share the link. I want to give her this gift. I need your help.


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