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28 Ghosts of 28 Girls – A Kickstarter That’s Personal For Me. Please Help. ;-)

Way back in the day, I had this little blog on LiveJournal. In many ways, LJ was the beginning of my journey to discover myself as who I am today. It was a place for me to write, to think, to share, and to interact with other people who (unlike most of the outside world I was dealing with at the time) were like me.

One of the people on LJ who impacted my life (and heart, and soul, and imagination, yadda) was a muse named Jewel Blackfeather.

I just found out this morning that Jewel’s got a Kickstarter project and she’s looking to raise $6000.00 to self publish her book 28 Ghosts of 28 Girls.

If I could, I’d send her the entire amount. Hell, I’d send extra just so she could make more copies. But I don’t have that sort of money.

However, I do have a blog and fingers, and a wild nature and I can ask each person reading to donate even a dollar and share this. I can be unreasonable and bold. I can ask you to share your time and money just because I’m asking and because I personally love this woman.

Jewel taught me to be all of those things. It seems only fair I should employ them to do this for her.

The Kickstarter link is here. I thank you for your time.


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  1. Thank you for your tireless efforts and for thinking of me. The response so far has been phenomenal. What has humbled and touched me has been how willing old friends and dear ones like you have been to help. A reader of yours asked, “What’s the 6k going for?” It’s expensive to bind, print, and publish your own book. I’m actually using my own money to match what is raised because it’ll cost more than 6k. If you look at the other publishing pages on Kickstarter, mine is a lot less than most. I would like to get a video or an audio file with some images to get things cooking also. Those pages get highlighted more.

    /blah blah blah

    I love you.

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