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Kylo’s future and my acceptance into Kings Dominion.

The rain in L.A. has made me pensive (AND COLD – seriously, I’m so not made for this weather. My L.A. native blood is too thin!) recently and I got to thinking about Kylo Ren’s character and the odds of his living or dying in Episode 9 and his potential redemption. Still working out the details, but the thoughts are at Hypable if you’d care to peruse.

I’ve become obsessed with SLOW TV on Netflix.

From Hypable’s Fangasm section:

I’ve recently discovered a new category on Netflix called “SLOW TV” and it’s definitely one of those things I never knew I needed. Videos within this treasure trove of a genre include hours of a crackling fire, a boat ride, even a knitting championship. I’ve recently been taking a 7 hour trip on a train from Oslo to Bergen in Norway and find myself soothed by the clack of the train on the tracks as it traverses the Norwegian countryside. A check of YouTube shows a larger variety; a 10 hour night to Tokyo has definitely gotten my attention. If you’re stressed and need an easy way to unwind, may I suggest you check it out?

And I got a neat package from the folks at SYFY that sets me up nicely for Deadly Class.

Plus, I’ve become obsessed with Marie Kondo. So I’ll be amazed if I don’t end up knee deep in clothes while trying to tidy up sometime this week.

Granted, it’s only Monday. Who knows what sort of trouble I’ll get into. :-)

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