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It’s been a busy couple weeks!

I admit, the doldrums his hard during the winter, but March really has picked up and there are more than a few things keeping me busy.

Here’s where you can find my writing in the last two weeks:

I wrote about Star Wars Celebration for

Shared my thoughts on Dumbo (It got me in the heart) for both Hypable and Atom Tickets.

Talked about the ongoing Fight For Wynonna Earp for Slashfilm.

The recaps of The Magicians continue on Hypable. I love writing for Hypable.

In other news, my CMBYN project came to an end because I missed a day, but it’s still going as a general rule. I just ended the streak. It still soothes my soul, so that’s good.

I got to see Us and my mind is still being blown. I definitely recommend it.

The sun is shining. It’s a new month. Here’s to more good things for us all <3

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