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Is it Star Wars time yet?

I wish it was December.

Actually, I’d be fine with November because that’s when The Mandalorian arrives on Disney+ (Yes, I got the three-year subscription deal from D23 because DEAL) but it’s still a ways to go and my Star Wars is so close I can feel it.

In other news, my body hates me these days but I soldier on. Aging is strange. I’ll be 51 this month. I’m both shocked and excited.

Writing wise, it’s been a little quiet but I covered D23 for Hypable and wrong about The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance (OMG I LOVE HUP).

Mostly, it’s been about taking care of home life over here. Lots of appts to go to and docs to see. But the world is a crazy place right now so I don’t mind the quiet.

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