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I’m drowning my sorrows in TV and movies

The world has been, let’s face it, kind of terrible. Luckily, between Netflix, iTunes, and SYFY I’m covered in my “let’s cocoon forever” needs.

First and foremost, I interviewed Sera Gamble about The Magicians season 4 and somehow managed not to fangirl all over her. I’m proud of myself for that.

I’ve been binge watching The Punisher. Started with season 1 and I’m up to ep. 6 of S2. Overall, I’m enjoying it. I also watched Polar which I actually enjoyed (YMMV). Finally saw Birth Of A Nation.

My Call Me By Your Name project seems to still be in full force even if it did start as an accident. The CMBYN project has reached Day 67. As for what it is, here’s the basic skinny.

I watched Call Me By Your Name for the first time on November 23rd of 2018. I was so smitten with it that I watched it again the next day. Then watched with commentary. Then watched the Q & A. Then read the book. Then bought the soundtrack. Then got the audiobook. All of which happened because of the feeling the story gives me. A lushness and a peace and a general sense of wellbeing that I can’t really explain.

Before I knew it, I realized I’d gone seven days in a row interacting with some form of CMBYN and still found myself wanting to do it again. So I’ve just been doing it. No real plan or even a goal. It’s not a “have to”. It’s been a “want to”. Organically. Daily.

I have no idea how long it’ll go on but, for now, I’m just rolling with it. I call it “going to Italy”. We’ll see how long I continue to travel.

I hope y’all are staying out of trouble.


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