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Has it really been this long?

I know I said I was going to update more frequently. And, technically, this is still more frequently than I was posting last year. But it’s been closer to six weeks and I should be accountable for that.

It’s been a heck of a time. I went and sprained BOTH ankles and my husband landed himself in the hospital for 10 days, so we were a bit busy. That also means that writing-wise, I wasn’t quite as busy. That said, there were a few little bits of writing that made it out there.

I wrote about the second to last episode and finale of The Magicians season 4.

I reviewed Aladdin and Booksmart (I loved it!) of at Hypable and I also got to listen to Alan Menken sing at the Aladdin Global Press Event.

Finally, I wrote about Star Wars Resistance for Slashfilm and why I think you should watch it.

Like I said, it was a busy month. Here’s hoping next month is a little less eventful :-)

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