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Things I saw today that made me say “WANT!”




Most mornings, I go through a bunch of different product sites to look for cool things to talk about on Nerd Approved, Fashionably Geek, and That’s Nerdalicious. As part of that daily search, I find things that I love, but may not be right for the sites for some reason.

Until now, I just shared them on Twitter, but then I thought, why not do a round up of cool stuff I saw? So, I’m gonna do that occasionally.

Check them out after the break and enjoy.

Enter to win one of 10 Insurgent Shatter Reality VR prize packs


Want to win a Google Cardboard viewer and check out a VR experience of Insurgent? I’ve got 8 Google cardboard prize packs that include the viewers and posters for the film.

Plus, I have two grand prize packs that also include a t-shirt and movie passes for two to see the film in Los Angeles and Orange County theaters.

It’s easy to enter and you can enter between now and Wednesday, March 25th. US residents only, transportation not provided to screenings. (Head after the break to enter now)

My theory on “Who Will Fall” in the Star Wars Rebels season finale

So, the new Star Wars Rebels trailer dropped this morning and, along with it, some new promo photos for the season finale. The big question running through the new trailers is “Who will fall?” and speculation is flying about who we may lose on the show.

I have a theory and I feel pretty good about it.

Thing one: If you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s over at EW amongst my mass fangirl squeeage.

Thing two: If you don’t want to know, turn back now.

Theory and reasoning after the break ;-)

Yes, you’ll love the new Maleficent Sixth Scale Figure By Hot Toys (Review)


My love for Angelina Jolie and Disney are both well documented and, while I wasn’t blown away by Maleficent as a films, I’m absolutely blown away by the new Maleficent Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys.

Sideshow Collectibles sent one over for me to review and I can tell you, without hesitation or equivocation, that I love this figure. The detail is insanely good. The face…I mean, it’s a mini Angelina (which is about as close as I’ll ever get to meeting her).

My favorite accessory has to be the green flames. In a perfect world, I’d be able to conjure flames like this. I also love the staff and the fact that you can change out an attachment on that staff and then set the crow on it.

I’m also particularly in love with her boots. If someone ever makes a pair of them in a human scale, I’d buy them up in a heartbeat.

The figure is in stock now and, if my opinion matters at all, I’m gonna tell you to do something nice for yourself and get one of your very own.

As usual, my photography skills aren’t the greatest, but I hope my enthusiasm comes through because she really is gorgeous. I’ve also included some of Sideshow’s product photos because they showcase her so well.

Check them out after the break.