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“Replicas” wants to be many movies, can’t quite be any of them

As someone with a great love of Keanu Reeves, I’ll watch pretty much any movie he’s in so when Replicas came my way, I ripped the packaging off that DVD with great delight and fervor. I mean, this was Keanu Reeves in a science fiction action movie about the dangers of pushing science too far (a theme I can get behind) and, like I said before, Keanu Reeves.

The new The Huntsman: Winter’s War character posters are gorgeous!


While there were parts of Snow White and the Huntsman that I could have done without, there’s no doubt that I loved every minute Charlize Theron was on screen. Theron’s Ravenna was, for me, so amazing to watch because Theron was 100% committed. A lesser actress could have slid into camp, but Charlize held on and made Ravenna a villainess I not only felt for but wanted to see more of.

Well, I’m in luck because they’ve announced the sequel. The Huntsman: Winter’s War looks more like a badass ladies story than I imagined, considering Chris Hemsworth is only 25% of the main cast. Casting powerhouse actresses like Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain along side Charlize Theron feels like a gift.

Amusingly, I’ve seen a few people looking askance at the poster of Jessica Chastain’s poster as The Warrior. Personally, I dig it. She looks like she’s ready to fight. Leather-clad (save for those gauntlets, which I am IN LOVE with), Chastain wields antler daggers, which make sense as the weapon of someone raised to fight in the forested world we saw in the last film.

Don’t even get me started on Emily Blunt as Freya. That’s a level of flawless I can’t even handle.

Basically, this is me being 100% yes about every part of this plan. Check out the character posters and official synopsis after the break.