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The first sculpts of the Star Wars Fan’s Choice Black Series figures look gorgeous


fan choice

NYCC has kicked off and I’m already flipping out with the happy between the reveals of the new Black Series TFA figures (including a cranky looking Han) and the first look at the Black Series Fan’s Choice figures; Darth Revan and Sabine Wren. (They’re both being made, which thrills me. Revan was #1, but Sabine came in a strong second, so they’re making both)

Thanks to Star Wars Action News, we have updated news and images on both Darth Revan and Sabine and they’ve put a lot of work into both making Sabine look realistic and giving her a removable helmet that works with her unique hair style.

So far, I’m impressed with both of them (In other words, OMG SQUEE!)

I put more pictures after the break.

Heroic Former Hasbro PR Rep Auctioning Hero Toys For A Heroic Cause


When I first started doing this whole “geek girl on the internet” thing, Joe Moscone and I met since he was in charge of the Hasbro boys line for Hunter PR and I was covering a lot of Star Wars and Marvel toys at the time. Joe not only became a colleague but a friend and remains a friend even after he left Hunter to work elsewhere.

One of the reaons I’ve always adored Joe so much is because of his big heart. Every year, Joe raises money for Receptions For Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation and every year, he gives it his all.

This year, Joe’s added a little something to the mix — he’s collected a lot of toys over the years because of his work at Hunter and he’s putting those toys up on eBay with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. If you’re a collector, or just want to help, you’re going to watch to check it out.

I put the letter Joe sent me after the break. If I’m being honest, I’ll just say this: go help however you can because Joe’s great people and because cancer sucks.

Go Grabowskis!

My theory on “Who Will Fall” in the Star Wars Rebels season finale

So, the new Star Wars Rebels trailer dropped this morning and, along with it, some new promo photos for the season finale. The big question running through the new trailers is “Who will fall?” and speculation is flying about who we may lose on the show.

I have a theory and I feel pretty good about it.

Thing one: If you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s over at EW amongst my mass fangirl squeeage.

Thing two: If you don’t want to know, turn back now.

Theory and reasoning after the break ;-)