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I need this Star Wars Rebels scarf

I just spotted this Star Wars Rebels circle scarf on Etsy. Had to share. Much flailing commencing. So much want. For $15 bucks, I may need to go for it. You can buy it here or check out her Etsy store here.

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The new Insurgent trailer has me all sorts of excited.

Level of excitement increasing. ::grin:: I know, I know, it’s probably silly, but I am so looking forward to this movie. Having torn through the books, recently, I’ve found myself watching Divergent repeatedly just in the background. I’ve developed a whole new theory about movie romances and movie kisses which I hope to delve into when I have time. For… Read the Rest »

Taylor Swift meets Nine Inch Nails in a perfect mashup

This is one of those mashups that not only works, but makes you love both songs a little more. People who makes these sorts of things always blow my mind because they hear them and then make them happen. Thank you to Chez Pazienza for bringing this into my life. Update: Donna Dickens at Hit Fix Harpy had this to… Read the Rest »

I need this t-shirt. Need. Cause, shenanigans.

I’m going about my business this morning and, I’ll admit, feeling a bit blue because of all of the terrible happening in the world, when I came across this tee in my daily search for cool stuff for Nerd Approved and Fashionably Geek. I…the need. It is strong. Here’s the best part. Y’all know I’m a plus sized lady and… Read the Rest »

This NBC Constantine featurette takes you deeper into The Mill House

Let’s talk about the Mill House on Constantine. I’m not sure I’ve talked about it here (I know I’ve fangirled over mentioned it on Twitter), but I love the Mill House. The couches are worn in leather, it’s got books everywhere, it looks…cozy. All of that would sell me on it’s own. But after watching this featurette and having my… Read the Rest »

This ‘Shake It Off” parody is my new fave Chanukah song.

I’d like to thank the adorable Jewish boys of Six13 for this wonderful Hanukkah gift. ::grin:: Singing, adorable, Jewish boys FTW. If I weren’t otherwise taken, I’d want to date all of them. Now I’m craving latkes. via Elite Daily. TweetFollow @geekgirldiva

Enter to win a copy of The Strain, Season One on DVD

If you’re already a fan of The Strain or you’ve been “meaning to” check it out, now’s your chance to win THE STRAIN Season One on DVD. It’s super easy to enter. Just head after the break for details. “The Strain” Season One on Blu-ray™, DVD, and Digital HDExperience the first season of TV’s hottest, most blood-curdling sci-fi series –… Read the Rest »

Chrismakkuh happiness: The Supernatural Clue game

If you hear a high pitched squee coming from the direction of Los Angeles this morning when I opened up a package containing the new Hot Topic exclusive Supernatural Clue game. Happy dancing followed and much flailing. Frankly, I’m amazed the pictures I took aren’t blurry. I did take pictures, so you can see what it looks like. They’re after… Read the Rest »

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