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7 Ways To Get Through Valentines Day As A Single Person


I wrote this recently as a pitch and, while it didn’t get accepted, I realized that I wanted to share it. It’s meant to be fun, helpful, and it’s made with love. So, hope you like it ;-)

The Valentine’s Day onslaught of ads, commercials, television episodes, and pretty much any way someone can squish this “romantic” holiday into a heart has begun and, as you know, will go on until February 15th without pause.

If you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is already a stress bucket of “what do I get?”, “Are they going to forget?”, “Everyone got flowers but me.” feels. However, Valentine’s is a special sort of Hell for lots of single types for a glorious plethora of reasons like [insert your reasons here].

However, all of that said, single people have a leg up on couples when it comes to Valentine’s Day and, in honor of being 1 instead of 2 on the 14th, here are 7 ways to make your Valentine’s Day awesome.

1) Do a little prep a couple days before. Ask yourself what you’d want someone else to do for you. Flowers? Chocolate? Stuffed bunnies? A game/movie/music? A stripper (if you get this one, let me know, I’m coming over!)? See how many of these things you can get yourself in one form or another. If it’s those individually wrapped chocolate covered cherries you see at 7-11 or it’s a huge bouquet of flowers, make your plan and know what would make you smile.

2) Wake up a little early and take yourself on a date. From a quick stop at Starbucks for a latte to a leisurely breakfast with a book, treat yourself. Budgets come in all sizes and so do treats, so find something that works for you and makes you smile.

3) If you work from home, have the day off, or don’t have to go into the office for anything, spend the day in your cozies –– not the totally sloppy ones you wear when you just don’t care, but the ones you like and that make you feel comfortable. Lack of pants or a bra gets extra points in this category. If you can manage #2 in said cozies, then you’re already a master at this. If you DO have to work, you can still do this, except for the cozies part.

4) Activate your gifts to yourself and enjoy them during the day. If you got flowers, put those bad boys where you can see them and enjoy them. Chocolate? Savor it throughout the day. If your gift to yourself is physical, then put them in a place where you can look at your prezzie and enjoy it. Video game? Crack it open and get to playing. The best part about this whole deal is that you know you’re going to get yourself something you enjoy.

5) Have a nice lunch. Again, like breakfast, you can choose the level to which you want to take this. Put on some music you like, make your favorite meal, eat something that’s “not on your diet”, you get my drift.

6) Someone made a heart shaped steak! What says romance more than a “sweetheart” cut of steak. Between the grilling, slicing, and eating, you can have a ball devouring the very symbol of “love”. Have a nice glass of wine (or your preferred beverage), light some candles, play some music, and Hannibal it up!

This also works with whatever meal you choose, whether at home out out. Do something that you enjoy, whether it’s awesome vegan food or junk food, or a 7 course meal. Dining alone can be awesome and a lot of fun, especially if you read a book or comic, watch a movie, or listen to music.

7) As you wind down the day, make some time just for you and indulge. Build a new LEGO set, put together that collectible shelf you’ve been “meaning to do”, take a bath, play some Guitar Hero. The best part of being a single person on Valentine’s day is that you get to make it all about you and you get to do whatever you want. So, hey, as long as it’s legal and doesn’t hurt anyone, have a blast.

In the end, Valentine’s Day is about being with and being good to someone you love. Seems to me that you don’t need another person to do that. ;-)

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