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What the Heck is This All About?

It’s a really bad idea to ever leave me alone with a blog and a search option.


Because I have a horrid habit of finding things that make me squee* and then I have to talk about them.

So, that’s what this is. This is my place to talk about the thing I just have to tell other people about and to share links for those who might need them so -they- can talk about them

Oh and, just a few thing about me.

1) I work for Entertainment Earth and help out in the The Entertainment Earth Affiliate Program.
2) I play WoW in my off time and crank out mass DPS on my 80 ‘Lock.
3) I’ve been a Browncoat for ages and am always looking for new Firefly/Serenity items.
4) Yeah, I’ll be talking about work stuff. But I work for a place that sells toys & collectibles, so how can that ever be bad? ;-)

Have fun and here goes nothing!

* A noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl, however it has spread rapidly and is now widely spread among the web community – Urban Dictionary

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