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Jay Smooth with an amazing comment on the Feminist Frequency brouhaha

Jay Smooth breaks it down.

If you’ve heard about Anita Sarkeesian, the trolling she got over her Kickstarter on female tropes in video games, ever been told girls don’t play video games, told someone girls don’t play video games or generally heard or said something stupid about women not being able to do something guys can do (I think I’ve included all of humanity at this point) you should watch this ;-)


Ill Doctrine: All These Sexist Gamer Dudes Are Some Shook Ones from on Vimeo.

via Upworthy



  1. Surprisingly this became a big issue, I mean big enough for mainstream sites to comment on. But I think the argument actually misses the point. Yes, women are objectified and often portrayed poorly as video game characters. But so are men, and I think people forget that. Not every guy out there is a hulking death machine, as not every woman is hugely voluptuous.

    It’s more of a character crisis for the entire industry than specific to women.

  2. “You just show you’re afraid that you can’t beat this woman intellectually without using some kind of cheat code.”


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