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Danny Trejo takes form in the new 7-Inch Machete figure

Danny Trejo is one of those actors who’s been around forever but has just become an “overnight sensation”. He’s “that guy” that you know from any number of movies and TV shows. Maybe you knew his name, maybe his face, maybe just the tattoo’s — but you knew who he was.

Well, now a lot more people are likely to join in the knowledge and I think it’s great ;-)

NECA has announced the new Machete 7-Inch Action Figure and I got a pic.

Looks pretty awesome if you ask me.

It’s available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. I’d suggest you might want to pre-order if you want it. My guess is the first run is gonna go fast.


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  1. I’d rather see him immortalized by Hot Toys or RAH as a 12″, so hopefully the film will do better than Scott Pilgrim in the box office so that dream can come true. Heck, I’d be happy to see his characters in Spy Kids or Desperado made into high end collectibles as well.

    The poor man 7″ statues just don’t do it for me anymore, though.

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