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Yes, I’m Posting About The Kurt/Blaine Kiss On #glee

I love this reaction of the Kurt/Blaine kiss on Glee. Actually, the reaction to the entire scene, their ages, the fact that it’s guys and gals and, well…heck, just all of it.

Love is love and sweet is sweet and that kiss was gorgeous.



  1. Y’all make me feel super happy. I put this on my fb page. Sharin’ the glee. Oh, and Kurt & Blaine make me happy as do Chris and Darren. Happy thoughts from Beth in Texas.

  2. LMAO
    This is hilarious! And yes, so emotional :-)

  3. This brought tears to my eyes when I watched it. I love how you can practically hear everybody hold their breath until it actually happened. Go Kurt!

  4. I teared up, love in any form hits me – well, maybe not horses.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    That was the most awesome cheering on I’ve heard. This is the kind of response everyone should have had. Made of Win.

  6. That is quite possibly the most adorable thing I have seen all week. Up to and including Invisible Backpack Cat.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    I love their reactions. It made me laugh in happiness and joy.

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