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This post has no title (just words and a tune? I need Elton this early?)

I honestly have no focus right now, so I thought I’d share the random links of my morning.

Sleeping puppeh!

Topless Robot has a new pic of David Tennant in Fright Night. He hates the hair, I kinda dig it.

Super Punch has an adorably updated version of the old “Love is” cartoons.

The Lip Service monthly Forest-Scopes, penned by one of my fave women ever.

Just saw a review for Black Swan (thanks @damiella) and I’m stoked to see it.

Beth (from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab) wrote a book called Vampires Don’t Sleep Alone: Your Guide to Meeting, Dating and Seducing a Vampire. She included “seduce”, which makes me happy. Sexless vamps make me nervous.

It looks like Christy from Geek Six is blogging Dragon Con. Considering the shenanigans she got up to at SDCC, I’m gonna be reading ;-)

Finally, I’ve been catching up on Doctor Who and, considering I’m in season 4, I can now say with complete confidence… WANT!!!

Doctor Who Adipose Stress ToyI’m sorry, but this may be the most adorbz thing I’ve ever seen and now that I’ve seen the actual episode, I have to have it.

::grin:: Good thing I’m going into the office today.


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  1. The Adipose is the most adorable toy ever! I too, am supremely stoked for Black Swan. Although my happiest moment: You’re pretty well up-to-date on Doctor Who. FINALLY. :p

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