This pic of David Bowie & Tilda Swinton makes me soooooo happy.

This pic is a promo for the video of the upcoming David Bowie single The Stars (Are Out Tonight). I’m sure they wanted me to think about the song, but all I could think was…


You can listen to the song here. The album comes out March 12. Here’s a link to The Next Day (Deluxe Version) over on iTunes. And this is the link to the video itself. ;-)

I’m just gonna sit here and stare a while. And drool.

Damn, now I gotta go watch Constantine again.

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3 Responses to “This pic of David Bowie & Tilda Swinton makes me soooooo happy.”

  1. Not yet. I gotta find it. ::flail::

  2. BookGeekGrrl says:

    Have you seen the video yet? It’s awesome & hilarious & totally WTF, as anything with DB & TS should be.

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