Link Love, brain pain & Cthulhu. Om nom.

I’ve been too serious lately, so today is just a day for links and fun stuff. ;-)

Just click, enjoy and share.

1) In honor of Earth Day, this is the My Reusable Bag Makes Me Better Than You Tote Bag ;-)

2) Barbershop Quartet Sings the Ewok Celebration Song (via Great White Snark)

3) Over at Geek Six, Blain did a great post on Action figures they haven’t made yet but should.

4) io9’s Marc Bernadin posted this infographic on the The Rise and Fall of Scifi and Fantasy on TV

5) In baseball: Fordham baseball player makes a Superman leap over catcher lands on home plate. 6.0 from the Russian Judge!

6) And, last but not least, there is now a Cthulhu Bobble Head.

This pleases me. Mmmmm. Yessssss…

Cthulhu Bobble Head

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